Electronics & Software Control Units



Cutting-edge applications and experiments in excellent research and industry labs around the world make highest demands both on the measurement hardware referring to positioning systems and complete microscope setups as well as the corresponding electronic controllers and their software algorithms and features.

attocube’s FPGA-based controller design as well as a large variety of interfaces and software drivers for all controllers in combination with an easy software-based upgradeability of most controllers makes them the ideal add-on for all attocube product lines.

Microscopy Controllers: The ASC500 is attocube’s stateof- the-art controller for all scanning probe microscopy experiments featuring open architecture while offering superior performance and unprecedented variety of control concepts.

Motion Controllers: Highest precision piezo positioning systems require state-of-the-art positioning control electronics. Suitable models for driving all attoMOTION products either in open loop or closed loop mode together with matching software modules are part of the attoCONTROL portfolio.

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