CFM base kit for magneto-optics




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While many researchers opt for a complete and carefree system solution, others prefer to work on the basis of their own vast experience with homebuilt setups. The latter involves a substantial investment into development time within the research group, but adds to the flexibility of the setup and of course does save the researcher some costs initially.


It is for this reason that attocube also offers CFM base kits for the experts, based on our proven optics components. Instead of a fully tested complete setup, the customer receives the components of his choice for building his own dream setup.

Combine a basic measurement insert in our patented design with the wiring of your choice, the world‘s only low temperature compatible apochromatic objectives, and our patented nanopositioners with a sample holder to kick-start your laboratory!


This base kit approach allows to equip each attoDRY cryostat with several different optical inserts, each one optimized for a specific experiment. Or, put differently, one insert per researcher!

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