Pumping Kit
for Vacuum Tube 


This pumping kit comprises all necessary parts to prepare any of the attoMICROSCOPES for cooldown. This is usually done by evacuating the vacuum tube incl. the microscope to a low pressure (e.g. 10-5 mbar or lower), and then adding about 20-50 mbar of helium exchange gas to the volume. This enables conveniently cooling and warming up of the microscope without condensation on neither the positioners/scanners nor on the sample. Included components and key features: turbomolecular pump incl. dry diaphragm backing pump (pumping speed for N2 35-67 l/s, ultimate pressure 10-7 mbar), full range pressure gauge, valve, overpressure valve, 1 m long stainless steel hose, needle valve and rubber bladder for dosing the exchange gas and all necessary KF fittings.


Art. No.

pumping kit for vacuum tube 1006336

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