Spare AFM Fibers and Feedthroughs


For AFM/MFM I (+) (2" version) and AFM/MFM Ixs (1" version).



Vacuum Feedthrough

for AFM fiber incl. 5 m patch cable, FC/APC-FC/APC for 1310nm/1550nm(spare part for fiber connection between microscope head and

attoAFM/MFM I(+)

replacement fiber (on the vacuum side)
AFM/MFM I ferrule, FC/APC mini plug, L=2m

attoAFM I xs

replacement fiber (on the vacuum side)
AFM/MFM Ixs ferrule, FC/APC mini plug, L=1,25m

Article Art. No.
Vacuum feedthrough for AFM fiber 1008195
attoAFM/MFM I(+) 1008196
attoAFM Ixs replacement fiber 1008197

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