Closed Loop Scanning


Piezo-based scanners suffer from inherent nonlinearities such as hysteresis and creep. In order to acquire non-distorted images, but above all to also be able to retrieve features and regions of interest on your sample with nanometer precision,closed loop scanning is a vital upgrade to your scanning probe microscope! For integration with existing setups, please contact us.


This upgrade contains:

  • FPS3010 interferometer (19" Version)
  • 2 cryogenic sensor heads & tilt stages integrated into microscope housing
  • 2 single-mode fibers incl. vacuum feedthroughs
  • 2 mirrors as targets on sample holder
  • closed loop scanning software upgrade for ASC500
  • steady-state resolution: typ. 1 nm

Compatible microscopes: AFM I, AFM III, SHPM, CFM I, CFM II

Article Art. No.
Closed loop scanning upgrade 1008634