Size and Dimensions

footprint; height

30x30; 12mm

max installation space

36x30; 12mm


42 g


positioner body



PZT ceramics

connecting wires

insulated twisted pair, copper


environmental options

/HV, /LT, /LT/HV, /LT/UHV, /RT, /UHV

Compatibility with Electronics

ANC300 piezo positioning controller

ANM150, ANM300

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Load (@ ambient conditions)

maximum load

20 N

maximum dynamic force along the axis

2 N

Coarse Positioning Mode

travel range (step mode)

6 mm

maximum drive velocity @ 300 K

approx. 3 mm/s

Fine Positioning Mode

fine positioning resolution


fine positioning range @ 300 K

5 µm

fine positioning range @ 4 K

0.8 µm

Accuracy of Movement

repeatability of step sizes

typically 5 % over full range

typ. forward / backward step asymmetry

typically 5 %