premium precision 6D parallel kinematics



With fabrication and production processes of today steadily requiring increasing accuracy, there exists a growing demand for compact yet highly accurate multi-degree-of-freedom positioning devices. attocube’s piezoelectric 6D kinematics are precisely engineered for this challenge and provide unrivalled nanometer resolution and repeatability combined with mechanical robustness and compact design. Compared to other products on the market, attocube offers higher repeatability and better travel-range-to-build-volume than any other product. OEM customers can choose from: 

  • size customization (footprint, height, travel range)
  • load customization (travel range vs load, spring compensation)
  • material customization
  • extra low height version for constrained environments (down to 57mm)


Typical Applications

  • optics and fiber alignment in assembly lines
  • 6D sample positioning for optics and microscopy


Customized Piezo Positioners

taylored to individual needs



For many nano positioning applications, stability is - apart from highest precision - key factor for keeping a target position over long periods even during transport processes. The rotator shown on the left is designed for maximum rigidity and the perfect solution for applications where heavy loads have to be moved. Independently from orientation to gravity, it carries a maximum load of up to 1 kg with almost no tilt of the moving table. Customers can choose between a wide range of parameters:


  • number of degrees of freedom
  • linear, goniometric, or rotational actuation
  • custom-taylored physical dimensions
  • individual travel range and speed
  • customized payload
  • sensorics from µm to sub-nm resolution
  • OEM electronics


Typical Applications

  • positioning of optics or optical components
  • nanomanipulation of objects
  • testing in quality control

Flexure Scanners

smooth motion with individual stroke



An increasing range of applications – such as image sensor interpolation or stabilization -  require small to medium range sample positioning at high bandwidth/frequency. Due to our extensive engineering knowledge, we are capable to satisfy many of these requirements based on our piezo flexure technology: We put special focus to miniature designs with superior stiffness, which we develop by rapid prototyping using our finite element method (FEM) and electron-discharge milling (EDM) equipment. Our customers typically choose from:

  • one to three degrees of freedom
  • linear, goniometric, or rotational actuation
  • custom-tailored physical dimensions, stroke, payload
  • advanced sensors and electronics
  • simulated & verified dynamic performance


Typical Applications

  • highly dynamic image interpolation for image sensors (typ. near to mid IR)
  • image stabilization, widely applied from VIS to IR spectral range

Microscopy Stages

ultrasonic xy piezo stages

A multitude of applications these days require very fast yet highly accurate sample positioning. This is particularly true for target motion in optical imaging such as super resolution microscopy (STED, PALM) or in cell array investigation. Being a perfect solution for these tasks, attocube´s ultrasonic xy piezo stages offer highest precision motion on the nanometer scale over several centimeter travel range.


Furthermore, these ultrasonic driven piezo stages offer high drive velocity (up to 50 mm/s) combined with an unrivalled bi-directional repeatability of better than 50 nm. Operating at frequencies well above the audible range, the stages move silently and are therefore the perfect choice for noise sensitive applications. attocube offers customized piezoelectric positioning stages with the following parameter ranges:


  • footprint 50x50 mm up to 300x300 mm
  • travel range 25x25 mm² up to 200x200 mm²
  • max. drive velocity 50 mm/s (at 50 nm repeatability)
  • up to 5N+ dynamic force
  • ambient conditions


Typical Applications

  • sample positioning in super resolution optical microscopy
  • positioning of optics and optical components
  • cell array investigation/manipulation


Ultrasonic Piezo Positioners

high-speed ultrasonic linear stages

With the introduction of the Ultrasonic Drive Technology (UDT) of attocube, we are pushing piezoelectric nanopositioning one step further, adding ultrasonic nano stages to our diverse piezo positioning portfolio. The advanced technology enables inaudible motion combined with high velocity and nanometric accuracy. These features make attocube’s ultrasonic nano drives particularly suitable for noise-sensitive applications in the field of optics, photonics, and microscopy at ambient conditions. OEM customers can choose from:


  • footprint 60x50 mm up to 60x120 mm
  • travel range 25 mm up to 80 mm
  • max. drive velocity 50 mm/s (at 50 nm repeatability)
  • typically 1 N dynamic force
  • load up to 5 kg


Typical Applications

  • nanopositioning in noise-critical environments as laboratory or quality control
  • high-speed positioning for time critical adjustments and probing

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